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South Korea’s nuclear agency hacked via VPN – Computer – News

The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute confirmed that it was hacked earlier this month. An unauthorized person gained access to the nuclear agency’s systems through a vulnerability in the VPN. El Keri is still investigating what the attackers have gained access to.

Korean media already wrote about the nuclear agency hack last week, but Kerry initially denied it. Meanwhile, the agency has statement on his website Confirms that the breach has already occurred. The refusal was a mistake on the part of the employee.

According to the statement, Kerry saw in her systems logs that there had been unauthorized access on June 14. The attacker had entered via a vulnerability in the VPN, but the agency does not say what kind of vulnerabilities or what the VPN is. Kerry is South Korea’s national nuclear agency that conducts research in the field of nuclear energy.

After the discovery, the agency said, the leak was closed and the attacker’s IP address was withheld. Kairi is investigating the incident with investigative authorities and says she has not yet determined the extent of any damage. It is not known what the attackers gained access to.

In a presentation, Kerry gave more details about the attack, Writes BleepingComputer. In it, the agency indicated that the discovered IP was linked to the Kimsuky hacking group, which the North Korean government was said to be behind.

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