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Spain arrests Dutchman for allegedly providing illegal streaming services – IT Pro – News

On the one hand, there are housing associations and municipalities that tell residents that satellite dishes spoil the view and that residents must use IP TV.
On the other hand, these networks are running all the time.

Well, yes, but that includes rolling illegal flows, as in this example from this article.

If you simply purchase regular, legal IP TV services, there will of course be no backlog.
It seems to me quite logical that the authorities I cited in their advice would do so legal purposes of IP TV services, and are not illegal.

I know many families who use it mainly for foreign channels that are shown free of charge via Astra, Hotbird, Nilesat and others. They are not even interested in this “illegal” movie1 etc.

However, purchasing those foreign channels I mentioned here is of course illegal if you do not do so in a permitted manner, as is the case here…

Explain to the over 70 year old mother/aunt that this is illegal. She simply bought the “locker” from the store.

No offense, but you can’t buy these kinds of things from the expert or BCC in town (or their Spanish counterparts) ;)), these stores don’t really have this kind of illegal stuff in their range. Legally very risky.

You can buy these types of things through shady web stores or social media. And if you have an obscure webshop like this, without quality marks etc., anyone who thinks for more than a few seconds can also imagine that something might not be quite right if you buy something that costs 10-19 euros, when in fact this is usually the case. The case costs many multiples of that.

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And then not just one alarm should go off, but a whole set of air raid sirens.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.”

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