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Spatial Planning, Community and Governance Committees

Spatial Planning, Community and Governance Committees

(Municipality press release) The Place, Community and Governance Committees of Aalsmeer Municipal Council will meet respectively on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 December 2023. These are governance meetings. Both meetings begin at eight in the evening. The public is most welcome in the Council Chamber. You can also watch via live broadcast. A final decision on agenda items will be made at the December 21 council meeting.

Space Committee on Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Draw up a Zijdstraat zoning plan
The vision for the center adopted in 2019 expresses the ambition to develop the Aalsmeer Center into an attractive, well-known and distinguished place. Zijdstraat is of great importance for the entire shopping district. Within the current zoning, ground floor living is permitted. With the new decision, this is no longer possible. This prevents vacant retail properties from being converted into homes. This preserves the shopping street and strengthens the shopping area.

Movement of water tap points
Aalsmeer municipality is one of the few municipalities in the Netherlands that does not yet have water taps. PvdA, GroenLinks, D66 and FlorAalsmeer ask the council, through a proposal, to investigate five suitable sites for installing a water tap, inform the council and seek to build it before the 2024 summer break.

Community and Governance Committee on Thursday, December 7, 2023

Social field memorandum 2024-2027
The memorandum “Caring for each other, communicating and strengthening” was drawn up after discussions with residents, social partners, businesses, the Social Area Advisory Board and the Municipal Council.

The goal is to create a community where residents feel seen, care about each other, can develop as best they can, and receive care and help when necessary. This has traditionally worked well in Aalsmeer: ​​there are many volunteers, associations and mutual connections. But here too society is changing rapidly. There is more variety, it is becoming busier and more demanding. This is why it is important to pay constant attention to the well-being of residents. The municipality can contribute to this, but it also has to make its own choices. So that group and individual assistance and support can continue to be provided to people who need it.

Change in APV for Aalsmeer Municipality
The general local law (APV) of the municipality of Aalsmeer must be changed to keep it up to date. This specifically relates to the addition of the terms “party” and “party ship”, whereby the opportunity to participate in a party on board a party ship is prohibited if this is accompanied by a perceived fear of disruption of public order or public safety.

Fixed agenda items
In addition, there are always a number of constant matters on the agenda, such as communications from the factions, active information by the Council and regional cooperation in different contexts.

Would you like to watch and learn more?
You are of course welcome to the Council Chamber to attend the meeting. The full agenda including all associated documents can be found here website. Here you can watch the meeting live or afterwards.

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