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Speed ​​skater Matthias Fausti lost his mind for a while after a failed European Championship trip: 'I almost want to apologize for this'

Speed ​​skater Matthias Fausti lost his mind for a while after a failed European Championship trip: ‘I almost want to apologize for this’


Matthias Fausti finished 15th on Friday in the 1000m race at the European Speed ​​Skating Championships in Heerenveen. Our compatriot was disappointed: “I almost want to apologize for this,” West Fleming said afterwards.

Vincent van Gensten

Around the same time last season, Faustie finished second in the second 1,000m during the European sprint race at Thialf, with Team Bruggeling finishing eighth with a Dutch dessert. But Two days later, disaster struck. Fausti tore his thigh while training, an injury that still affects him to this day.

Until Friday too. “It was really frustrating,” said a gloomy Faustian, who first watched the coronation ceremony and wanted to unpack before speaking to the press. “I just couldn’t get into it. The opening was slow too… and that was while the rehearsals were going really well this week. I didn’t set a target for this, but that’s a huge disappointment. It wasn’t what it should have been. It didn’t run from the start. To the end. I can’t say much about it, we have to take a look at the pictures.”

Vosté couldn’t provide a real explanation for his failed ride, but that damned thigh wasn’t out of his mind again.

Of course it still has its effect. You think I’m opening slow for fun, but I’m not. I don’t think the confidence is there yet. I prefer not to be too careful, but it still does not work. It remains just a kind of flexibility that you cannot extend further. Still not getting better. I have no words for that, actually. He’s on a tray during training, but during the match he doesn’t come out.”

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On Sunday, Fausti is still waiting for another 1,500 metres. Perhaps the distance is better due to his constant physical issues.

“Yes, but the distance of a thousand meters is my distance,” it seemed. “The 1500m didn’t go well after the record…I just want to do the 1000m. It’s there, the potential is there, but I really didn’t show it. I almost apologized for that, I don’t remember either. Do I panic about the games? Yes and No. I just want to know why it didn’t work, the gap is too big (1.92 on winner Thomas Kroll, editor). I should be able to drive in 1:08. I’m going to sleep very poorly today.”

Although the Flemish West also knows that he has returned from very far away. “The thigh injury was very serious. Everything was torn. In the end I can be happy that I’m already at this level. Who knows, maybe I wouldn’t have made it to the games, but I’m doing it now. I’d like it to be faster, but it seems that It’s not possible. So you are very upset about this. Because I noticed that the speed is back. But not during a moment like this. Then I am very disappointed.”

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