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Sport Short: Long lunch break for Costa Rican officials due to World Cup qualification | Sports

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Long lunch break for Costa Rican officials due to World Cup qualification

9:22 am: Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chavez is giving all his officials an extra long lunch break on Tuesday. The country’s national football team will face New Zealand on the same day in Qatar to qualify for the World Cup later this year. The match will start at 12 noon in Costa Rica.

In a video message, Chavez said everyone working for the government would be given an extra long lunch break to watch the competition. “Over 13,000 kilometers, eleven fighters will be on the field and must achieve a historic qualification. Of course we all want to see this race.”

Chavez, 61, recently became president of Costa Rica. He won the election earlier this year. Chaos decided to drop the opportunity to declare Tuesday a national holiday that everyone is free of, as Costa Rica is in an economic crisis. He called on companies in his country to offer employees a long lunch break so they can watch a football match in front of the TV.

The winner of the Intercontinental Playoffs will advance to the World Cup in Group E with Germany, Spain and Japan. Costa Rica has played in four of the last five World Cups. New Zealand have played in two World Cup finals in 1982 and 2010.

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