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"Sportsman, choosing Benzema is the same logic, but I don't understand it well."  European Football Championship 2020

“Sportsman, choosing Benzema is the same logic, but I don’t understand it well.” European Football Championship 2020

France, the world champion, may be the country to be defeated in the upcoming European Championships. The impressive squad looks even richer now that national coach Didier Deschamps has reappointed Karim Benzema. A bold choice. “How will the group react?” Wonders Wesley Sank.

Analyst Wesley Sunk also had to blink when he saw Karim Benzema’s name among the French selection. “This is a big surprise, because he’s never played since the famous episode. It’s totally unique to take someone with you after over 5 years.”

“She is sporty, it is the same logic there. He is having a great season at Real Madrid. The sporting side is indisputable, but that has been the case for years.”

“But France has such wealth, then why are they looking for someone who hasn’t been around for long? Then Deschamps must have seen a problem in the profound striker.”

How will the group react to this? I wonder. This kernel has become the world champion without him.

The big question mark in choosing Benzema is the sporting extra. “He must have been preceded by an enormous number of conversations. There is no other way. I still remember seeing a recent press conference by Deschamps avoiding questions about Benzema and laughing. Maybe something was really going on at that time. At the time.”

“How would the group react to this? I wonder. This core has become the world champ without him. They must have been informed in advance? I really don’t get that very well.”

“Benzema will not come to the bench. Olivier Giroud was a good match with this system, but I think it is now clear who will be at the front of this team. Benzema also spoke lightly of Giroud.”See also read). How will it go? Beware, the two might actually have talked to each other and have a good professional relationship. This is sometimes the case with players. “

“And what if things don’t go well? It could always happen. They would have thought about it and discussed it, I guess. It might be harmful to the atmosphere in the group, but that’s a question mark. The press and Benzema is not a tough guy at all in that group.” “.

“Do not think that France’s situation has changed because of this.”

On Twitter, it is already raining reactions from people looking forward to a dream attack with Benzema and Kylian Mbappe. Mbappe also tweeted about this. “There are still some. Griezmann, Dembele, … I think France can make three teams at a very high level.”

“For example, I see that Upamecano from Leipzig is not there. He will move to Bayern Munich. If you can leave someone like that at home.” The 22-year-old Jules Conde will be there. It has never been called before. “He’s a guy with great potential. He’s on the radar of many teams.”

“If you look at the heart of France, this extravagance is not natural. On paper, France is the strongest team, but on paper it doesn’t matter. The reality is different.”

But with Benzema in check, is they the team to beat them now more than ever? “I don’t think their situation has changed. It wasn’t that bad with Jiro, did it?”

“Maybe then we’ll be glad he’s been there. Maybe the French are less powerful with him, but I’m not a clairvoyant.”

Mbappe appears to be looking forward to that