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Spotify tests voice reactions when listening to playlists – IT Pro – News

Spotify is conducting tests with users to record voice reactions while listening to playlists. Once that answer is recorded, it will appear in the user’s account as a podcast episode.

The Vietnamese Reddit user Morticle 219 Spotify posted a screenshot of the playlist overview window in the Spotify app for Android. It displays an icon where you can record a voice response. Clicking on the icon will open a new window with a question asking what the user thinks of the playlist and below that a button to record a sound piece. The piece can be recorded in one go or in multiple parts. Audio can According to TechCrunch You can then edit and add background music.

Spotify also displays a banner that displays certain conditions. For example, recording hate speech or offensive content is not allowed, and recording music while recording a voice response is prohibited.

It is not clear when this feature will be rolled out to other users. Spotify was tested earlier this year A test feature It allowed users in New Zealand to record, edit and publish podcasts through the app. Spotify has yet to share any information about when the feature will be rolled out.

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