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Stabroek's Aertssen Group named Company of the Year, Ghent's Deliverect named Company of the Year

Stabroek’s Aertssen Group named Company of the Year, Ghent’s Deliverect named Company of the Year

On the other hand, Deliverect from Ghent won the Flemish government award for scaling up 2021. The company helps restaurants with online order processing.

Deliverect was founded in 2018 and has developed a system that forms the backbone of on-demand meals by centralizing online ordering for restaurants, among others. By centralizing online orders, menus, and reporting from online sales channels, Deliverect helps restaurants small and large to reduce order errors and complete orders faster. The company has 450 employees in 13 countries.

According to jury chair Hans Kriegen of Vlerick School of Business, Deliverect deserves the award because of “the inspiring entrepreneurship and unique growth that Deliverect has achieved in 2.5 years”. “Their technology for digitizing and facilitating often conservative hospitality businesses is not only pioneering but also in high demand in a fast-growing business. This is reflected in the thousands of smaller hospitality companies in their customer portfolio, as well as global players such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats.”

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