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Star Wars: Visions Anime Coming September 22nd on Disney+ – Sound & Vision – Geeks

Disney has shared the first trailer for the Star Wars: Visions anime, which will be released on Disney+ on September 22. The anime includes an anthology of several separate stories, created by different anime studios.

The Star Wars: Visions series includes nine different stories created by seven different studios, LucasFilm reported During Anime Expo Liteface. LucasFilm allows these studios to tell stories that “don’t necessarily fit into the official Star Wars timeline,” even if they want to use familiar characters.

“We’re looking for something from the heart and soul of individual creators,” LucasFilm said. “It’s their visions through the lens of Star Wars.”Executive Producer James Wu. Waugh states that Star Wars fans who don’t know the animation need not worry. According to LucasFilm, the series spans many different genres, from “grand and daring” to “romantic and groovy” or “funny and comedic.”

For example, one episode is a rock opera on Tatooine, while The Duel is said to be an episode featuring Samurai-esque Jedi and Sith. The episode Lop & Ochō, in turn, features the “Space Rabbit Person”. Star Wars: Visions was already announced in December, although its makers haven’t said a release date yet. The full series will be released on Disney+ on September 22nd.

Star Wars: Episodes of Visionaries and Their Makers
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