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Starlink has over 400,000 internet subscribers from space

Starlink has over 400,000 internet subscribers from space

Broadband provider Starlink delivers tens of thousands of new subscribers every month who want an Internet connection from space. The meter recently exceeded four hundred thousand.

The development is impressive, as the SpaceX subsidiary still had 250,000 individual and corporate customers last March. Without any promotion, the interested parties seem to know how to find their way to the internet provider without difficulty. There are also not many alternatives for those looking for stable speeds over 100Mbps in remote areas.

Recently, Starlink submitted a document to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulator in which this number comes in.

There are now more than 2,200 satellites in orbit that beam through the Internet. The commercial service is available in 36 countries. New countries are added to the list every few weeks.

SpaceX has permission to orbit up to 12,000 satellites. Chinese researchers recently expressed concerns about this. Starlink will give Americans a competitive advantage. So researchers argue that China should develop ways and means to disrupt the satellite network. However, it appears that SpaceX can launch satellites faster than China can physically immobilize it.

In Belgium, it costs 558 euros to install the Starlink service with a monthly subscription of 99 euros.

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