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Studio Display Update Issues (macOS 12.3.1)

Studio Display Update Issues (macOS 12.3.1)

Studio Display, Apple’s new display, is having issues with the macOS 12.3.1 update. I called It tells you what’s going on.

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Studio screen update issues

In March, Apple released a new screen: the studio screen. But the first month did not go smoothly. The monitor’s internal webcam is not working properly. And now Studio Display owners are also having issues updating to macOS 12.3.1.

At least fifty users of recent Apple monitors have reported these issues on Apple Support Forum† They are all getting a message that “the update could not be completed” and that they must “try again in an hour”. If this still does not work, they should contact an Apple authorized dealer.

The cause of Studio Display problems is not clear

It is not clear or where the problems surrounding the software update come from. Something might go wrong in the server room at Apple. The defect can also be in the firmware of the Studio Display itself.

Resolving all tech issues, turning Studio Display off and on, doesn’t seem to work either. Therefore, some users have already taken their studio monitor to the official repair shops.

Studio View: A Camera Fix (and Hopefully More)

Apple will soon release a new software update for the Studio Display Camera. We hope Apple will also solve macOS update problems for Apple screen owners.

One Studio Display owner has already found a temporary solution. He connected a third-party monitor to his Mac, then installed a macOS update with it.

Do you also have problems with your Apple display? Or do other Apple products not want to collaborate? Ask your question in بحث search bar† If the answer is not there, Apple also has its own answer Help Desk where you can go. We chose you when You must contact Apple Support.