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Suddenly 500 surplus vaccines at the end of the day: Antwerp residents queuing up at Spor Ost |  Antwerp

Suddenly 500 surplus vaccines at the end of the day: Antwerp residents queuing up at Spor Ost | Antwerp

AntwerpThere is still a long line of people at the vaccination center in Spor-Ost after it was closed on Tuesday evening. Because of the wrong count there was a large surplus of vaccines. These were distributed to everyone who passes. The news spread through the media and attracted a lot of people.

Joris, 30, was one of the lucky ones who was unexpectedly vaccinated on Tuesday evening. At ten in the morning I received a letter from an acquaintance stating that vaccinations had been distributed. Everyone was welcome because there were 500 injections left due to the wrong number. I immediately left for the vaccination center in Spor-Ost. There were already long queues of people who heard the news. Even after people kept arriving. The waiting list went well and about an hour later I received a vaccination from Moderna. I had to wait another five minutes to make sure there was no allergic reaction. I’m glad I got the vaccine, and now I can travel without worry.”

Anleen Marin, 25, and her friends heard the news at 11 am and were vaccinated 20 minutes later. When we arrived there were still long queues. Everyone was in a good mood, and there was a kind of festival atmosphere.” “We are so glad we didn’t expect to be on time.”

human error

“Tonight, about 500 syringes were put in too many due to human error,” says spokesman Tom van de Vriken. “We immediately jumped into action. We invited people from QVax and the firefighters. We are going to administer the last syringes for everyone. Right now, we’re still busy, that will probably take until 1:30.”

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At 1:30 the last 30 syringes were distributed. Some people who jumped into their car at half past eleven still had their vaccinations.

At 11:30 p.m., there was still a long queue at the vaccination center. © AMK