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Sunday sun room, Monday troubled

Sunday sun room, Monday troubled

RUCPHEN – If you want to enjoy the weather this weekend, it is best to go out for activities on Sunday. Temperatures will be between 10 and 12 degrees on Saturday and the afternoon temperature will be around 8 degrees Celsius on Sunday, but Sunday is the best day for outdoor activities. Sunday will still be dry, there will be more sun and less wind.

Maximum temperatures range between 5 and 6 degrees at the end of January, but on Saturday afternoon temperatures in the far north will drop to 12 degrees in southern Holland. However, the weather is not good. It will be cloudy most of the day and some light rain or drizzle may fall from thick clouds. There is also a strong wind from the west. In the afternoon there will be plenty of sun, especially in the coastal provinces.

It will be dry and partly cloudy Saturday evening through Sunday evening. The minimum indoors is about 3 degrees. In coastal areas, the weather is milder by 5 or 6 degrees.

Quiet Sunday with periods of sunshine

The sun rises on Sunday morning from time to time. Clouds will increase from the west in the afternoon, but the sun will be able to shine for a while. The sun will not be visible in most places until the second half of the afternoon. However, it remains dry and the wind is usually moderate.

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With a maximum temperature of around 8 degrees, it will be a few degrees cooler than Saturday. Because the weather is dry with the sun and wind obviously lower, the weather outside is much more pleasant.

The chance of rain increases from the west on Sunday evening through Monday evening. The winds are also heading to the southwest and increasing in strength.

Stormy start next week

Monday will be a turbulent day. The winds can be strong, especially at sea. There is even a small chance of a northwesterly storm. Weather also consists of clouds and rain. Later in the day, the weather will change to a mixture of clear spells and showers. Winter precipitation is also possible with these showers. The maximum is about 7 degrees, but due to wind and rain the perceived temperature is much lower.