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Support 1 million euros for incontinence research MUMC +

Support 1 million euros for incontinence research MUMC +

€1 million has been made available to Maastricht UMC+ and Erasmus MC for research into urinary incontinence. Within the project – made possible by NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Funds, Collaborative Health Funds, ZonMw and Top Sector Life Sciences & Health – more effective research methods are being sought to improve bladder control from the brain.

About 1 in 6 people have an overactive bladder, with regular incontinence. Often the root of this problem lies in the control of the bladder and sphincter of the brain. This control occurs largely unconsciously and is therefore difficult to influence. Research is now being carried out in Maastricht with a powerful MRI scanner that can conduct research at a microscopic level in the brain that controls the nervous system of the bladder. Previous research on this control has often been done through animal experiments, but it is difficult to translate the results to the human setting. Ultra-high magnetic resonance imaging that can be used safely on humans will change this. Research Leader Prof.dr. Gommert van Koeveringe of MUMC+ is excited: “Through this research we hope to be able to answer many questions about the not-yet-well-explored region of the bladder-controlling brain.”

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