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Suspected serial killer arrested in US

© FBI St. Louis

The FBI arrested a suspected serial killer in the United States on Monday, partly thanks to a tattoo on that person’s forehead. He is suspected of committing six murders in the states of Missouri and Kansas. According to CNN.

jvhProof: CNN

Perez Reid, 25, was arrested Friday in Missouri. According to the FBI, he had a .40 caliber semiautomatic pistol when he was arrested. “That capability matches the shell casings found in unresolved shootings in St. Louis in September and October 2021. At least four people were killed.”

Reed lived in St. Louis, but made frequent trips to Kansas City. The FBI has said he was killed in a similar attack.

Striking tattoo

The FBI tracked Reid through CCTV footage from his latest victim’s apartment building. It showed a black man with a tattoo on his forehead, the same tattoo that can be seen in Reid’s arrest photo.

Reid is in a federal prison, refusing to kill anyone, court documents show.

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