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“Sustainable and thoughtful use of available space is essential for future generations.”

“Sustainable and thoughtful use of available space is essential for future generations.”

“If we want more quality space for everyone to live, work and enjoy in the future, we have to think about this today,” wrote Sabine Hague-Batio of the West Flemish delegation. She responds to a previous column by Jean-Marie Dedeker.

These days, it seems that Pravda has made a comeback. This time trading is limited to the city-state of Midkerke. In keeping with Soviet tradition, the rest of the world is also under the wringer, except for our comrades of course. And all this apart from the fact that the mayor himself has been a member of the regional and federal councils for several decades.

However, it is difficult to ignore the selectivity with which the West Flanders Policy Plan currently being drawn up is quoted. However, we agree with what Jean-Marie Dedeker wrote, there is a lot of organization. But you know the saying: the pot blames the kettle…

Well, while Mr. Dedecker happily throws all sorts of accusations about so-called “itchy words” into his argument (citing examples like node value, paradigm shift, stepping stones, corridors, etc.), the same words are repeatedly quoted in Policy plan for Middelkerke. Either communists have infiltrated his city, or the mayor has become out of touch with reality He lost his own policy.

But back to the political plan for the province of West Flanders: this plan responds to decades of spatial disruption. Then it sometimes happens that people choke on innovative developments such as shifts in mitigation or construction. If we want a good space for everyone to live, work and play in the future, we need to think about this today. Sustainable and thoughtful use of available space is essential for future generations.

We previously organized a public consultation on the first phase, the concept note, where municipal authorities, as well as civil society organizations and the general public, had a say in the spatial principles describing the long-term vision. These inputs were processed into a strategic vision. The first proposals for policy frameworks were also tested with West Flemish municipal authorities. The initial draft of the policy plan has also been formally tested by all West Flemish municipal authorities.

It could not have escaped M. Dedeker's notice that the delegation was not sitting in the Burg at all, but in the Poivrebus in Sint Andres. What is even more surprising is that there have already been several moments of consultation, including on the policy plan. It is difficult to reconcile with the feudal nobility that does not care about serfs.

The policy planning methodology is clearly a collaborative model, and so we want to reach a common vision for the spatial future of the county with many different parties, but also especially the West Flemish municipal authorities.

In the meantime, we hope that Mayor Dedecker will continue to work on a strong vision for his municipality, in particular a policy plan for spatial planning in Middelkerk, preferably with some future-oriented goals rather than just the high-rise goal that is currently before us and which should replenish the coffers Basically the municipality.

As MP for West Flemish, Sabine Hague-Bateau (Open VLD) is responsible for spatial planning.