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| Sweden defeated the United States in the 1st group match at the Olympics

What a result! Sweden reaches a mega stunt in Game 1 of the Olympics. The team defeated their favorite USA and did so with clear figures: 3-0!

Swedish women can thank you for the sharpness of Steina Blacksteinius. About half an hour later the star advanced to a 1-0 lead with the help of Sofia Jakopson. Team USA was completely defeated, especially in the battle of Midfield. The United States was very strong at 2-0 for Orange in the 2019 World Cup final in Lyon, standing there and watching it.

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Bash for America
After the break again it was Blacksteinius who scored and doubled the lead. Lina Hardick closed the game. Shortly before that, Kristen Press attacked this post. Group G also includes Australia and New Zealand.

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