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Swiss steam train "Marlene Rosser" breaches Dutch dominance in European Championships time trial |  European cycling championship 2021

Swiss steam train “Marlene Rosser” breaches Dutch dominance in European Championships time trial | European cycling championship 2021

For the first time in the history of the European Championship, there is no winner in the Netherlands. After 4 times Ellen van Dijk and 1 time Anna van der Bregen, Marilyn Rosser was the clear winner in Trentino. The Swiss stood head and shoulders above the rest. Sarah van de Vel (ninth) was the best Belgian.

Swiss Reusser wins women’s time test at European Championships

Ellen van Dijk (2016-2019) and Anna van der Bregen (2020) have highlighted Dutch dominance working against the clock in recent years, but Van der Bregen sent her cat and knew halfway through that her star V jersey would not fall from the sky.

Marilyn Rosser put the Dutchman there in 7 seconds and then started eating the riders for it.

It surpassed Lisa Brenauer’s bronze to a large extent summed up her time trial. In the end, the difference was wide and clear.

“I really liked this course and knew my legs were so great,” replied the 29-year-old Swiss, who has made tremendous progress in recent years and took the silver medal in a time-tested at the Games.

“I just had to give everything and I was good from start to finish. I’m very satisfied.”

“I am especially looking forward to experiencing the World Cup in Belgium, because it will be on my birthday (September 20).”

Watch the conclusion:

Sarah van de Vel: ‘I wanted to do better than my number and it worked’

Sarah van de Vel recorded the best Belgian performance in ninth place with the fastest time. The former triathlete laughed: “Last week the test time experience at Wargame was disappointing. My coach said she’d be fine and now it’s proven.”

“I decided a year ago to stop triathlon. I feel like I’ve made progress.”

“Last year I was 22nd or so, now I wanted to do better than my number 13 and it worked.”

Ann-Sophie Duyck, who took silver at the European Championships in 2017, appears to be free of complaints after several physical harassment. She was in thirteenth place. It was difficult, but the trial could have taken a little longer.”

Van de Wiel: “I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress this year”

Dweck: ‘He was fighting for everyone with equal arms’

  1. 11 hours 48. Loss in the women’s time trial: Rossier won gold for Van Dyck.

    Conclusion in the Trial of Women’s Time: Rosser triumphs over gold by Van Dyck

  2. It’s 11:00. It’s all there: Lisa Brenauer is still nibbling on the Lisa Klein bronzer. Sarah Van de Wiel is our first female national in ninth place. .
  3. 11 am. 44. Everyone here must acknowledge their boss at Marilyn Roeser. Robin van Gucht.
  4. 11 hours 44. Elaine van Dijk can’t turn the tide: from 7 seconds in the middle to 19 seconds at the end. .
  5. The best favourites are already here! Marilyn Rosser will not allow her to grow: she is already at the end. 27’12 “95 chrono from another planet. Average: 49.38 km / h. nbsp; 11 h 43.
  6. It’s 11 a.m. 41. In the end, Sarah Van de Vel is provisionally fifth, while Anne-Sophie Dweck is ranked ninth. .
  7. It’s 11:00. Marilyn Roeser’s hunger is unsatisfactory. Vitoria Bossi is also cornered, although the Italian does get in the way a bit in the turns. & nbsp; .
  8. 11 38. Lisa Brenauer, not a junior name in the action against the clock, however, was humiliated by the Swiss silver medalist from Tokyo. Gold awaits her, unless Eileen Van Dyck throws something out of her sleeve. & nbsp; .
  9. 1138. Van de Vel finishes strong and looks like he is on his way to a place in the top ten.

    Van de Vel finishes strong and looks like he’s on his way to a place in the top ten

  10. 11 am 37. Marilyn Roeser does not falter. Lisa Brenauer, who is on her way to getting the bronze medal, will eat it. This says something about proportions. & nbsp; .
  11. 11 a.m., 34. Van de Vel reaches the top ten. Sarah Van de Wiel, a late runner-up due to her past as a triple player, still has a chance in the 10th place. And this would be a huge boost, because our compatriot obviously still has a margin of progress. Finish time: 29’25” 99, third for now.
  12. 11 hours 32. Reusser is faster than Van Dijk in the middle point: “We’re going to have a fight anyway.”

    Reusser is faster than Van Dijk on the intermediate point: ‘We’ll have a fight’

  13. 11:31 We’re still having a fight, but Rosser and Van Dijk are ahead of the rest. . Robin van Gucht.
  14. Midpoint position: Reusser on 1. Marlen Reusser lays all the cards on the table. The Swiss is 7 seconds faster than Elaine van Dijk. The rest are not in the picture. Lisa Brenauer and Lisa Klein vying for bronze, Sarah Van de Wiel is eighth in the middle. . 11 am 31.
  15. 11 a.m. 26. In just under 5 minutes we were able to receive everyone at the intermediate point. Then we can draw up our first balance sheet. & nbsp; .
  16. Ann Sophie Dweck. 11 am 24.
  17. 11 am 23. Reagan Marcus is the second Dutch ironman in the fire. She eventually got her hands on the silver (+21″), but would have to give up that virtual medal later.
  18. 11 am 20. Small big at the end. We’ll notice this time around anyway: Lisa Klein clocks in at 28’35” 03, more than a minute faster than Anne-Sophie Dweck. Is that good enough for a German medal?
  19. Van de Vel got into a good rhythm. Sarah van de Vel played an excellent first half. She parks her bike in the middle of the road in third. & nbsp; . 11 am 20.
  20. 11 a.m. 19. Duyck is inside and he is (for a moment) at the top.

    Duyck in and (for a while) at the top

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