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Take a look inside Natalia's pink bathroom, designed by Bart Appletans of 'House Made': 'It's a bathroom with balls' |  local

Take a look inside Natalia’s pink bathroom, designed by Bart Appletans of ‘House Made’: ‘It’s a bathroom with balls’ | local

LtdIn the program “House Tasted” on VTM GO, part of the popular program “House made”, interior architect Bart Appletans (41 years old) visits familiar faces. With only the interior as his guide, he must answer the big question: Who lives here? But in one of the houses the bathroom looks familiar. It’s like, “I drew that.”


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12-23-07, 17:17


House Made jury member Bart Appletans goes to VTM GoThe “House Tasted” series visits famous Flemish people every week. Based on internal and personal matters, he must guess which BV lives in the house. But in this episode, he recognizes the house almost immediately and decides to turn the tables, leaving the viewer free to guess. After touring the entire house, Appeltans arrives at the bathroom adjacent to the gym he designed himself.

“I haven’t seen the end result yet,” says Bart. “I’m very curious about that.” When he opens the door, the word “jewel” immediately falls out. “This is a very special bathroom because it’s all pink,” says the interior designer. “It’s the more feminine side, so I’ll reveal that there’s a woman living here,” he says. There’s also an eye-catching pink pigeon tip, an arrow with mileage to the Caribbean island of Barbados. “I know she comes there a lot.” Appeltans also mention that it is a bath with balls. “That’s the least you can say,” he continues.

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The house is bravely owned by none other than Natalia. After that, they talked for a while and the singer said that she was happy with how spacious the house was. “The kids are definitely doing good here Cross around“Bart says. She agrees. When asked if they really… Internal accidents Natalia explains the dangers of the white seat. Looks like “Anastacia spilled red wine on my new sofa.” “What was your reaction?” Appletanz asks curiously. “How stupid you are now,” the singer answers very seriously.

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“Homemade” can be watched on VTM Go

Take a look inside Natalia’s pink bathroom, designed by Bart Appletans of House Made: ‘It’s a bathroom with balls’ © VTM Go

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