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Tariq Tissoudali is an absolute star in Superior AA Gent: 'I still need 10% more killer' |  Jupiler Pro League

Tariq Tissoudali is an absolute star in Superior AA Gent: ‘I still need 10% more killer’ | Jupiler Pro League

AA Gent played an excellent match against Standard. Ngadeu was ruling like a king at the back, Kums and Owusu ruling in midfield, Odjidja was a great manager. But the star of the evening was Tariq Tsodali. The Dutchman dodged away in a particularly heavy field. Before the end of the first half he scored a goal with a powerful shot, and after the first half he completed a great task using the slider in the far corner. Tissoudali could have achieved more, but no one could really complain about his ending yesterday.


In the past, Hein Vanhaezebrouck was not always satisfied with the efficiency of his attacker. “But this time I am very satisfied with Tariq,” said the AA Gent coach. “We all know his footballing qualities, his actions and his dribbling. I also know her size. He did it this time too, unfortunately not every time. If he did, it would be more important to us. It’s great how he finished with the third goal.”

“He also did really well in scoring his first goal, by putting the ball on the shoe right away,” Vanhaezebrouck says. “After the break he did it again, but then it was his bad luck that Secket kept him off the line. Tariq deserved at least three today. He also does a dribble that leaves him alone in front of the goalkeeper. He could also drip it and put it inside, but then he thought That might be too much. The Tarek I saw here was great. But he wasn’t alone. I understand everyone is looking at him because he’s the best footballer with us and probably in Belgium. But we did well as a team too. But I totally wish Tariq would be. He’s the man of the match.”



Tissoudali smiled himself. “Is this my best match with Gent? I prefer to let others decide that,” said the Dutchman. “I scored two goals, but I could have scored more in this match. I am very critical of myself. If I get the chance and I don’t sign up, he’ll take it up. If I become a bit more assassin, he becomes a scorer. I think I can sharpen my killer instinct even more by practicing a lot on the finishing touches. I wouldn’t have a killer instinct like Ronaldo or anything like that, but I should be able to improve it by 10%.”


We are regularly in violation. If we can put that behind us, we may still be in the top four before New Years Eve.

Heine Vanheisbruck

The fact that the new field was plentiful due to heavy rainfall was not a problem for Tisudale. “It wasn’t the best field,” he says. “But I played on amateur courts until I turned 21, so I’m used to it. Each flaw has its own merit. If I’m a little smart, it’s hard for a defender to come back after moving the scissors in this kind of court. I try to take advantage of that.”

AA Gent now has two points from Playoff 1, a goal the Buffalos set for themselves. When his team was still ranked a lot lower, Hein Vanhaezebrouck suggested that a place in the top four might not be until after a new year. Now it looks like it will be possible soon. “But we’re not there yet,” says HVH. “We are in fouls on a regular basis. Hopefully we can finally put this offense behind us. Then we might still be in the top four before New Year’s.”

Buffalo will have another busy week. It is up to the strong bearers to ensure that the Ghent passes through this well.

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