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Taylor Swift fan exposes her chest when asked by a reporter (video)

Taylor Swift fan exposes her chest when asked by a reporter (video)

“Anything for Taylor, she deserves it.”

We may be too old to understand why the queen of mediocrity, Taylor Swift, is taking over the world. Some fans will do anything to meet her. At the Johan Cruijff Arena, where Taylor Swift has performed three concerts, the actions of Dutch radio host PowNed caused quite a stir. A PowNed reporter asked Taylor Swift’s fans to bare their breasts, suggesting that in return they could meet their idol. Of course, this promise turned out to be false.

Screaming girls become whores

A now-offline video titled “Screaming Girls Become Sluts for Taylor Swift” shows a young woman flashing her breasts at the camera, convinced by the reporter that this will get her a meet-and-greet with Swift. Another fan is asked to kiss a strange man, also under the pretext of meeting the pop star.

Transgression and misleading

PowNed later stated that they wanted to use the video to investigate the lengths to which Swifties would go to meet their idol. The broadcaster admitted on Monday that they had gone too far. Instead of a sincere apology, they offered a questionable explanation: “For fifteen years, PowNews has been at the forefront. But sometimes it goes over the edge. The same goes for the Swift fan video. Then you have to put your hand in your lap. That’s why we’ve taken this item offline.”

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