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Team Fortress 2 reaches over 150,000 active players on Steam for the first time

On Friday, more than 151,000 players (And let’s face it, maybe some bots tooThey were all playing جميع Castle team 2 At the same time. This is the first time in the game’s history that multiple concurrent users have played TF2 since the game was launched in 2007.

Based on Statistics in SteamDB and the Share it on Twitter, at about 3:30 p.m. local time on June 25, peaked at 151, 253 players event. A few hours before and after, the number of players fluctuated by about 150 thousand. Very cool for a game that is about 14 years old.

Of course, if you know something about Castle team 2You may have already made it clear that most of these programs are bots. valve and TFThe player base in “bots” has long resisted and tried to play the game in spite of everything. However, more than officially TF2 subredditMany suggested that only a few thousand of these players were likely bots. This is due to recent updates from Valve that wanted to reduce the number of bots. Valve’s efforts were not guaranteedYou can easily find servers full of bots, but many players have noticed a decrease in the number of bots since the update.

The reason for the sudden rise appears to be the result of many players returning to the game afterwards June 24 update, who added some minor cosmetics and made changes in an effort to eliminate bots. Perhaps people were curious to know if the bots are gone, what changes were made, and if people are still playing the classic team-based shooter game.

Castle team 2 It is known that it became free to play in 2011, bringing the number of active players in the game to about 98,000, a record at that time. from this moment TF2 Continued even as the game and players continue Racist bots send chat spam.