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“Temptation” - Tim is single again and now a single father: “It's not working between us anymore” |  Ltd

“Temptation” – Tim is single again and now a single father: “It's not working between us anymore” | Ltd

LtdAfter participating in “Temptation Island” and a few short-lived relationships, it looks like Tim “Temptation” Wauters (35) finally found the love of his life in 2020. But that relationship is now also on the rocks. “I'm actually single again,” he confirms.

Tim announced the news of the breakup himself on Facebook. A few days ago he made a phone call because he was looking for a new home for his dog. “I broke up with my girlfriend. I'm moving to an apartment and unfortunately I can no longer take my dog ​​with me. So I'm making a hot call here and looking for a new home,” the post said. He told us Tim had now found a place for his four-legged friend. “He can live with a friend of mine . “So I don’t have to say goodbye, because I can visit him whenever I want.”

Tim also confirms the news that he is single again. “I've been with Sophie since 2020, but it's not working anymore,” he explains. Tim met Sophie at his tattoo studio “T-Tation”. She got into the business because she wanted a new tattoo, and there was a spark immediately. Unfortunately, this love turned out to not last. “I prefer not to say much about this topic,” he says.

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Tim and Sophie welcomed their son Finn a year and a half ago. But the duo was also looking for a solution to that. “Finn will be living with me for a week and with Sophie the next. “At the moment, I'm mainly focused on raising my son,” says Tim. “Finn is doing very well at the moment, and he's starting to look more and more like a little Timmetje,” he winks.

In 2018, Tim participated in the movie Temptation Island with his then-girlfriend Deborah Lemans, but after a few days he lost his heart to the Dutch seductress Cherish and wanted to marry her. This concert was canceled at that time. He continues, “I will never participate in this program again. You have been put on a beautiful island among beautiful women. This is truly as they say: swallow the bait.”

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