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Tesla gasoline is “the world’s first hybrid hyper” |  Leader

Tesla gasoline is “the world’s first hybrid hyper” | Leader

Austrian company Obrist Powertrain It has a Tesla Model 3 equipped with a serial hybrid engine. This led to a concept the Austrians call “Hyper Hybrid”. This kind of driving isn’t new: BMW has already offered ‘range extenderAs a power generator for the i3 and the first Chevrolet Volt it worked on a similar principle.

However, this Tesla car is different, the company believes. The Hyper Hybrid is still fully electric at speeds up to 65 kilometers per hour. However, at higher speeds, a 1.0-liter two-cylinder combustion engine is added, which is not directly connected to the engine, but acts as a generator. The energy generated here is passed to an electric motor, which is responsible for driving.

The Converted Model 3 should be cheaper and more efficient than the original Model 3, provided it is eco-fueled. The combustion engine allows the use of a smaller lithium-ion battery, which reduces the weight and cost of the electric vehicle. A hybrid the size of a Tesla Model 3 or VW Golf will cost only €21,000 and be around 250kg lighter.

The 17.5 kWh lithium-ion battery enables pure electric driving of nearly 100 kilometres. According to the manufacturer, the total range is up to 1,500 kilometers with a consumption of 3.3 liters per 100 km and CO2 emissions of 24 grams per kilometre.

This all sounds nice and is probably a good intermediate step between a combustion engine and electric drive, but critics will say this Hyper is nothing more than a slow Tesla that needs more emissions and more maintenance. And they are right.

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