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Tessa was born without a nose: her name is Voldemort

Tessa was born without a nose: her name is Voldemort

Tessa was born with an unusual condition known as complete congenital arhinia, which means she has no nose. This rare condition, which only a small number of people worldwide suffer from, has presented Tessa with special challenges since the beginning of her life.

Others call her Voldemort. Despite these obstacles, she chose not to let her condition define her and faced life with unparalleled enthusiasm. She is a happy girl.

He was born without a nose

There is no nose and nothing like it: Tessa has to live with that all her life. In Tessa’s unique case, her condition extends to the absence of the olfactory system, the part of the brain responsible for recognizing smells. So she doesn’t smell anything. Despite the challenges of her condition, Tessa’s parents consider her a beautiful and extraordinary girl. In the fifth month of pregnancy, her mother, Greene, discovered that something was wrong. I had a very difficult time with that, but of course they decided to give their daughter the best care they could. And now I got it.

Nose to the future

Shortly after her birth, she was transferred to the intensive care unit, where she underwent surgery to facilitate breathing. Two years later, Tessa underwent plastic surgery to implant prosthetics under her skin, laying the foundation for the construction of an artificial nose. You don’t get that until after puberty, that is, when you grow up. It has no meaning before that. She is now preparing for the operation, which will make her appearance more “natural.” This included bone and skin transplants. Tessa still faces a long medical journey. “But our sweet girl can handle it,” her parents say proudly.

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