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Thamara had extreem last van Zwangerschapsmisselijkheid

Thammara suffered severely from pregnancy sickness


“The way I was treated in the hospital still bothers me,” Thammara continues. “I was put in a room alone, no visitors were allowed and the TV was turned off. They acted like I had gone crazy. The psychiatrist who treated me realized it wasn't in my head, but the gynecologists didn't take me seriously. I was so sick that I didn't I could talk to them. I knew it was true, and I never doubted it.

When I was visiting my parents in the east of the country, I started vomiting and was hospitalized there. There I was taken seriously for the first time. My ex-husband and children were allowed to visit, and everything seemed a little more human. From then on, I decided to go there every month when I had to be accepted.”

Weekend away

Not only was it difficult for her, but it was also not an easy time for her family. During the family weekend, Tamara was in bed all day. “Then my brother kept track of how many times I had to vomit in a day: he came up with 55. When I told my parents I was pregnant again, they started crying. They felt very sorry when they saw that I was so sick.

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“I've read articles where women say they've ended their pregnancies because of nausea. I never thought about that. It was a horrific experience for nine months, but after giving birth the nausea went away immediately. This is also why Tamara completely associates nausea with her pregnancy.

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Recognized disease

Science now proves her right. In December 2023, research conducted by the University of Cambridge, among others, showed that the fetus produces the hormone GDF15 during pregnancy. “The degree of nausea and vomiting is determined by the amount of GDF15 and the mother’s tolerance to the hormone,” he wrote. De Volkskrant.

For Thamara, it is a huge relief that a reason for her problems has been found. “I hope in the future they find something to help women who feel nausea like me. In addition, it can be hereditary. If my daughter gets pregnant, I hope there is a cure for it.”

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