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The audience hall becomes multifunctional for 319,000 euros

The audience hall becomes multifunctional for 319,000 euros

Thu 27 Jan 2022 22.56 hours

output – The public hall of the City Hall in Borgum will soon be converted into a multifunctional hall for about 320,000 euros. Tytsjerksteradiel City Council approved the proposal Thursday night. Only BVNL, D66 and VVD voted against it.

The renovated public hall will become a multifunctional space where large groups can meet in the afternoon and evening. The space must be provided with display and flow options. The hall can also be used by employees during the day as an informal meeting and meeting place. In addition, residents of the municipality can participate in the Iepen Poadium in the hall.

The goal of the renovation is to provide the hall with multifunctional furniture. In the hall, a custom-made closet wall was also installed, in which the closet space, storage space and pantry were combined.

Investments are also made in ICT facilities that make possible filming, live broadcasting, mixed meetings and presentations in the public hall. According to the municipality, the hall is the only space suitable to meet these needs without extensive renovations.


Dineke Wagenaar (VVD) opposed the plan because cuts were already being made to, say, library or swimming pool works. “I think wool can be made with that amount of money.” Erwin Dorsma (D66) understood Wagner’s dilemma well. Then he wants to become a meeting place for many other parties so that the investment can pay off. “Let’s find balance in return…..”

good chance

Mayor Gebin was the first to explain to the council that the municipal budget spends relatively little on his organization. He sees air conditioning as a good opportunity to do more with the space.

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