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'The Bachelor' Fabrizio responds to all the hype about Phaedra: 'Don't take it all too seriously' |  showbiz

‘The Bachelor’ Fabrizio responds to all the hype about Phaedra: ‘Don’t take it all too seriously’ | showbiz

“Like I said: Don’t take it too seriously,” said Fabrizio’s Instagram account. In the photo we see how Fabrizio reacts to a message from one of his followers. Tip: Before calling others vanity, take a look in the mirror. Fabrizio also followed the advice of the lady in question. He, in turn, shared a picture of him looking in the mirror… that Fabrizio actually doesn’t take all the hype seriously, which is also evident from one of his other messages on social media. Share a photo from on his Instagram Stories. In the photo we see a red rose return shipment. “Note from Phaedra: No thanks Fabrizio,” it looks like it is in the photo. “OK, Did you get me? Bol_com,” Fabrizio says with a laugh.

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The reason for all this fuss is the previous episode of “The Bachelor”. Fabrizio had to swallow this week during the rose party. By introducing a flower to Phaedra, he indicated that the blonde could continue cycling in the race to his heart. But this did not include 21-year-old West Flemish. She came forward and said she didn’t want to be underestimated and she stepped aside. Without crust. There Fabrizio stood watching his toes. Phaedra has already received a lot of praise on social media. “My Instagram profile has exploded,” Phaedra laughs. “It’s unbelievable how many positive reactions I’ve received, I wasn’t really expecting it. It’s great to stand up for yourself,” was the main message, but in so many variants (smile). The fact that it was also a day after International Women’s Day made the picture complete.

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