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The British scientific scientist fears the great brain drain

Threatening the British scientific world with a great brain drain. Dozens of top young researchers are feared to leave the UK. After all, no agreement will be reached on further scientific cooperation with the European Union. The problem also affects a number of international projects led by British institutions.

A number of observers warn that Britain’s scientific standing is in grave danger as a result of all this.

promising scientists

“There is a real risk that promising young scientists will decide it is appropriate for their career to leave the UK,” said Martin Smith, Wellcome Trust Policy Officer.

Meanwhile, the loss of a number of partnerships threatens the UK not to be classified as a reliable scientific partner. The British flag will suffer.”

As a result, the British flag risks falling victim to the ongoing feud between the United Kingdom and the European Union. After Brexit, the two parties reached an agreement that would allow the UK to continue to play an important role in an intensive European research programme.

But due to difficulties with conversations about A blueprint for Northern IrelandThe scientific agreement has been seriously postponed. As a result, dozens of British scientists have already lost their expected European funding.

After Brexit, the UK agreed to pay £15 billion over seven years to stay involved in European science projects. But with the suspension of the agreement, it is increasing Fear of negative influence On the position of British science.

Professional life

Confirms Liam Smith, Director London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).

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“The United Kingdom is a global scientific superpower, but now it is in danger of being eliminated. Problems will also lead to Loss of trust and potential partners In future cooperation. “

“We are in real danger of experiencing a brain drain,” said Heitan Shah, chief executive of the British Academy. The British government has announced that it will look for ways to compensate for the loss of European budgets for British scientists, but according to a number of parties, this uncertainty is causing significant damage.

They point out that the particularly prestigious character of European scholarship is an important impetus for the career of the young researcher. “It is unlikely that the financial compensation will be attractive enough to keep the majority of candidates in the UK,” she said.