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The case of assault on housekeeper Britney Spears referred to the prosecution  showbiz

The case of assault on housekeeper Britney Spears referred to the prosecution showbiz

FamousIt appears that the case of Britney Spears, who allegedly beat up her housekeeper, continues to unravel. The incident has already been investigated by the police, who have now referred the case to the Public Prosecution Office.

Last week, singer Britney Spears lost all credibility. A housekeeper had filed a complaint against her because the singer was said to have been violent during an argument with her dogs. The housekeeper told TMZ that she took a dog to the vet after discussions about animal care. When she got home, she confronted Britney about the situation. Then he would take the housekeeper’s phone out of his hands. The woman then went to the police, who opened an investigation into a “very light assault”.

People have now submitted the investigation to the prosecution, People said. They will now look at the file and decide whether to charge Britney. This is normal. However, a source close to the singer doubts whether it would have come to this point if it were not about Britney, but about an unknown person.

Britney’s new lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, has not yet commented on the case. In the meantime, the dogs will do well, too, it seems. It is a very sensitive breed and often suffers from health issues. Britney has now been given clear instructions on how to care for the creatures. She no longer works for her housekeeper.”

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