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The cat in the cockpit of the plane causes confusion |  Abroad

The cat in the cockpit of the plane causes confusion | Abroad

Al-Sudani News reported that it was only half an hour after the flight’s departure that it became clear that the cat had found a place in the cabin. Upon noticing, the beast immediately entered the attack. The fight with the beast caused so much confusion that the pilot returned and landed at Khartoum Airport.

Lurked inside

It is not yet clear how the cat snuck into the plane of the Targo Aviation flight. According to Fox News, this is likely to have happened the night before. The animal is believed to have entered while the plane was parked at the airport for cleaning and maintenance. In all likelihood, the cat decided to spend the night on the then empty plane. What he encountered when he suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar environment may have triggered his aggressive response. The airline has not yet commented on the incident, according to Fox News.


This is not the first time an animal has caused turmoil in space. Last year, two pigeons boarded a Go Air flight. The two eventually caused a half-hour delay.

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