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The chief of rescue workers fears that the missing 28-year-old Natasha de Crombroughi has fallen into a river in Peru. (Linkebeek)

The chief of rescue workers fears that the missing 28-year-old Natasha de Crombroughi has fallen into a river in Peru. (Linkebeek)

As of today, rescue workers in Peru will assist three Belgian investigators in their search for the missing Belgian tourist, Natasha de Crombroughi (28). She’s been missing for exactly a month on Wednesday. Eloy Cacya, like Peruvian Alain Remue, fears that the young woman has fallen into a river.

Two investigators from the Federal Judicial Police in Brussels and a member of the Missing Persons cell are actively searching for the missing Natasha de Crombrugge of Linquebec. He disappeared on January 23 while on a trek in the Colca Valley in Kailuma Province (Peru).

Meanwhile, rescuers abandoned the route she usually took and the area was combed, but no trace of the Belgian woman was found. Even investigators are wondering if she really started the journey and if nothing else happened.

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But famous lifeguard Eloy Cacya, nicknamed the “Lost Angel,” says he’s pretty sure Natasha has fallen into one of the many streams. Cacya has been able to find dozens of missing people in the past. dead or alive. He is considered as an authority to search for missing persons, although Kachia is not a police officer.

Cerro Castillo, 26, was one of the missing persons found. He disappeared eleven years ago under similar conditions in Colca Canyon in southern Peru, and was also searched en masse. Unfortunately, it did not end well for the young man. His body was found 202 days later after a long search in a ravine 1,000 meters deep.

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Canyons and dangerous animals

On the basis of, among other things, the Belgian woman’s iPhone data, Belgian investigators will try to get a slightly more accurate picture of exactly where she was and from what day and time no data was recorded. An Berger and Alain Remue of the Federal Police’s Missing Persons Cell say all avenues remain open.

Rescue worker Cassia says there is little hope of finding her alive because the area could be dangerous. There are very deep rifts, but there are also dangerous animals such as snakes, spiders and jaguars.