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The company claims to have a tool that listens to advertisers via your phone

The company claims to have a tool that listens to advertisers via your phone

You have a conversation about a certain product and soon after you see an advertisement for it on social media. an opportunity? Not anymore. A popular advertising company claims to have developed a tool that ensures your phone or TV can listen to you and then show ads based on your conversations.

Cox Media Group (CMG) has a new advertising strategy centered around artificial intelligence. The tool is called Active Listening and it listens, for example, to conversations you have with your friends while your phone is in your pocket. The tool then knows what you’re doing at that moment and will show you ads that match it 404 media Known.

No black mirror

CMG, which has worked with Google and Microsoft, among other companies, does not hide the existence of the new program. On the website “What would it mean for your business if you could target potential customers who are actively talking about their need for your services in their everyday conversations? No, it’s not an episode of Black Mirror — it’s audio data and CMG has the capabilities to use that to your business advantage,” he says.

The AI ​​tool will now be available and will help serve a very specific target group. Businesses can use the tool to get information about the locations and age groups where their products are being talked about. This way, the company knows more specifically where it needs to be located in order to attract the attention of this target group.

It’s not entirely clear whether the tool actually exists: it may also be a way for CMG to put itself in the spotlight in this area or to stimulate discussion about artificial intelligence and how far it can go. After all, they’re responding to something many phone users have noticed: “My phone seems to be listening!” is a statement heard often. It’s often associated with smart assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, which actually listen to whether or not you’re calling them. However, it has not been proven whether they also transmit this data.

Moreover, all this is not allowed in this way. There are strict privacy regulations that companies have to adhere to and it seems that these types of technologies do not adhere to these types of laws and regulations. If the tool exists, CMG or companies using this software will likely have to deal with privacy watchdogs and, for example, the European Union.

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