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The Corporate Court does not appoint a temporary director for a Muslim CEO |  the interior

The Corporate Court does not appoint a temporary director for a Muslim CEO | the interior

The French-speaking business court in Brussels has rejected a request to appoint a temporary official to the Islamic Executive, the official representation of Islam in Belgium. The warning order came from three members of the Muslim executive branch who alleged mismanagement.

The court also decided that less drastic measures could be requested than appointing a temporary official. For example, an annulment of a decision can be requested if it was made illegally. “They failed to act in a timely manner when their apparent request had every chance of success,” the court said. “It is already clear from the items submitted to the Court that the amendments to the Statute of Defense (i.e. Islamic Executive Authority, editor) at the general meeting on June 26, 2019, did not fully comply with the legal requirements and quorum.”

The court also stated that the Islamic board of directors was unable to prove that the general assembly had convened legally and that a quorum had been reached to amend the articles of association. The Court also found that some members had violated the rights of other members by “making them ‘effective’ members and concentrating all the powers of the General Assembly on themselves.” Finally, the court noted that the action requested by the three, the appointment of a temporary director, would not have resulted in a final amendment to the statutes.

The lawsuit, brought by the three, alleges mismanagement and accountability within the Islamic executive branch. The three alleged that some members of the Islamic executive branch had taken control of the organization, marginalizing the other members. The head of the Islamic Executive Authority, Mehmet Ostun, vehemently denied the allegations.

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Internal tensions have divided the Islamist executive for years. These tensions are based on (political) pressures from certain movements from some Muslim countries. At the end of 2020, Vice President Salah El-Shlawy resigned after criticism from Minister of Justice Vincent van Quekenborn (Open Vld). A State Security report described Al-Chalawi as a spy from Morocco.