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The Council of Ministers decides the date for the new implementation of the Environmental Law, January 1, 2023 | news item

news item | 24-02-2022 | 17:15

Housing and Urban Planning Minister De Jonge submitted the draft Royal Decree (RD) with the entry into force on January 1, 2023 of the Environmental Law to the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Minister, VNG, IPO and the Federation of Water Boards discussed the importance of responsible implementation of the law at an administrative meeting today. The January 1, 2023 date provides clarity for all parties involved and, above all, more certainty to be able to properly practice with the new digital system and the new way of working.

Minister De Jong: We are facing great spatial challenges. Build new homes, improve energy supplies, manage nature, and economic activity. In order to properly organize the rare space, more control and more cohesion are needed. Environmental law and planning offer this possibility. However, it must be presented with care to ensure that the provision of services to residents and businesses is not jeopardized, and the development of the area can proceed without hindrance. Therefore, in practice, there should be enough space and time to practice with the new digital system. Using the January 1, 2023 date, the law can be presented responsibly and there is clarity for all parties involved.

Environmental and Planning Law compiles and updates laws, from 26 different laws to one, from 60 general administrative orders to 4 and from 75 ministerial ordinances to one environmental regulation. In addition, the law provides a single digital counter that facilitates applying for permits and provides faster insight into which regulations apply and when. The law establishes preconditions for functioning as a single government and provides tools for (national) coordination.

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The entry into force of environmental and planning law is an important starting point. From then on, the law will be applied in practice. Even after January 1, 2023, there is still a lot of work to be done and flaws cannot be ruled out. The new system of environmental law and the digital system environment law (DSO) will continue to be developed and monitored after its entry into force, in order to achieve the objectives of the law and implement the desired changes.