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The couple found a venomous snake in a bag of Aldi lettuce: “I was shocked ...

The couple found a venomous snake in a bag of Aldi lettuce: “I was shocked …

An Australian couple wanted to eat some salad from a local Aldi on Tuesday when they discovered something was creeping in it. Alex White (44) said, “At first I thought it was a worm.” “When I saw a tongue, I was shocked and realized that it was a snake.”

It is not known how the snake ended up in the lettuce. The refrigerated transport of vegetables seemed to paralyze the snake, until Alex bought the bag from Aldi and took it home.

The Australian and his friend Amelie, who is originally from Austria, put the hose in a plastic container to prevent the animal from escaping from the bag that was already open. Amelie wanted to photograph the animal to appear to her Austrian family, because the couple are always trying to refute the fact that Australia is full of dangerous monsters.

Animal protection officials finally took the snake – perhaps a small version of the venomous Australian brown snake. Aldi supermarket chain is investigating the accident. What about lettuce? Alex just ate it. It’s like “after you’ve washed everything well.” Watchman.

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