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‘The Crown’ actress Emma Corinne wears a bow tie: ‘So intimate, so cool’ |  showbiz

‘The Crown’ actress Emma Corinne wears a bow tie: ‘So intimate, so cool’ | showbiz

FamousActress Emma Corinne, 25, announced on The Crown in an intimate photo series on Instagram that she’s wearing a wrap, a piece of clothing that flattens the wearer’s breasts.


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07-21-07, 10:42

Sixth page / Metro / Instagram

Emma Corin was photographed by photographer David Simon with a homemade wrap around her breasts. Before that, I used wrappers that boxers would wrap around their hands before putting on gloves. She captioned the black and white photos, “Thank you for taking this for me. So intimate, so new, so so cool.”

The actress, who is best known for her role in The Crown, added that she has now purchased her first “real” cover from the gc2b brand. “It’s a big ride with lots of twists and turns and that’s okay,” she concluded. “You accept it.”

Her post received a lot of positive feedback. “Beautiful pictures,” singer Paloma Faith, among others, commented, “I love you so much,” actor Tommy Dorfman wrote in “13 Reasons Why.” Corinne’s post comes shortly after she indicated in her Instagram bio that she would be fine to treat her as “them” or “them” from now on. She has since removed those words.

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