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The domestic author’s book is a bestseller in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands

Tomahawk, Wisconsin (WSAW) – A woman from central Wisconsin has left her 10-year career in the United States as her best company. He also inspired people around the world with the best-selling book in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. This is called “faith”.

It is selling well in the UK, Spain and India.

“I started a journey to help people in my community,” says writer Christy Davis.

Instead of encouraging others in her book, she retreats to a resort owned by her and her husband. People came from California and the country to enjoy the peace.

“This property has become a paradise for people. They come here and run,” Davis said.

During the decline, people learn to eat healthier through plant foods. They can practice yoga, meditate and talk to Davis about their business goals to create a business plan.

Davis loves helping people set up their own businesses, and he guides people around the world.

Staying at the resort will help people refresh their mood.

“We all get stuck not being able to understand the purpose of our lives,” Davis said.

Davis felt trapped just before she started the resort. She has reached the peak of her weight and she is not satisfied with her life. She was nervous at work and did not feel good about her life.

She decided to quit her job and start her passion. She lost 115 pounds and completely changed her mood. She is now encouraging others to do the same.

“It goes beyond eating, it goes beyond moving your body, it really fits in with the way we talk to ourselves,” Davis said.

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Tommy Day, one of the customers, was the first suspect. She was overweight for the rest of her life.

“I don’t, it doesn’t work, I would never do this,” Day said.

However, nine months ago, I decided to get help from Davis. She started eating vegetarian and worked closely with Davis and developed a personal plan that would work for her.

“I lost 25 pounds in the first six weeks,” Day said.

She said she felt Davis had been telling untruthful stories about herself all her life and needed to change her view of life.

“It’s about a complete life change,” Day said.

Davis’ book is available for free on Teaser and Audible. The book is also available at local stores and libraries. You also donate it to local schools. You can also buy it on paper Amazon.

Here is the website Tomahawk Resort on Alice Lake. Contact details can be found at the bottom of the homepage of the website.

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