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The Dutch construction sector warns: “We don’t want a gate after all …

The Dutch construction sector warns: “We don’t want a gate after all …

Photo: Mark Hermance – Media House

The Dutch construction sector is now sounding the alarm because no new orders have been issued for the management and maintenance of roads. 17,000 jobs are at risk, Bouwend Nederland’s chairman told the Dutch newspaper Maxime Verhagen. The Telegraph. “We don’t want to dig in the road, like in Belgium, do we?”

“We were surprised on Wednesday by the news that funds for roads and hydraulic engineering are running out. A lot of maintenance has been put in place to prevent workers from disappearing. The pot is now empty,” says Maxime Verhagen, chairman of Bouwend Nederland, that the pot is now empty, while other road construction utensils are littered.

Due to the nitrogen crisis, nine proposed road projects worth 1.4 billion euros have been put on hold. Municipalities also significantly reduce infrastructure. In total, this amount has already increased to € 2.85 billion in lost works in the infrastructure sector.

They are now doing the same thing that the municipality of Amsterdam is doing. Postpone maintenance to save time. But we don’t want holes in the way, like in Belgium, do we? Postponement only leads to higher costs. Moreover, this will inevitably lead to a loss of thousands of jobs, which we will badly need later. “

For years, institutes of knowledge like TNO and Berenschot have been calling for more investment in infrastructure such as roads, bridges and bridges. There is a lot of late maintenance. For example, it was announced Thursday that Haringvliet Bridge will not open anymore for this reason.

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