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The Dutch want to fly to London in 2028 with a hydrogen-powered passenger plane

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From 2028 Amsterdam to London via the North Sea will be able to fly on hydrogen with an 80-seat medium-haul passenger plane. Says a group of Dutch companies working on a hydrogen system that can be generated on existing aircraft.

jvhSource: Belka

It Hydrogen aviation powertrain and storage system Foker is a full-fledged Dutch public-private partnership formed by Unified International and Innovation Quarters with seventeen companies, including TU Delft, the Dutch government and the Royal Netherlands Space Center. From the National Development Fund – the investment fund of the Dutch government – 383 million euros was allocated to the Aviation in Transition project, of which the HAPSS project is the largest.

The system will be ready for small-scale laboratory testing in 2025. It will initially be a 40- to 80-seat propeller-powered aircraft. Following that, the system could be used on newer zero-emission aircraft that can carry more passengers. The aim is to have several commercial aircraft flying around the world from 2028 onwards.

Startups hope HAPPS will create 1,200 jobs by 2028. According to the founders, the system will be interesting for short-range electric flying markets such as Scandinavia and New Zealand.

Unlike current aircraft, fuel is no longer stored in the wings. This is done in a new system with hydrogen capsules in the tail area. Hydrogen is then transported to the engine and converted into electricity that sets the propellers in motion.

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