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The elite school in France is closing.  Alumnus Macron wants equal opportunities for all French people

The elite school in France is closing. Alumnus Macron wants equal opportunities for all French people

ENA, Ecole National D Administration, the way to the pinnacle of civil service and public administration in France. If it were up to President Emmanuel Macron, this valuable institution would be shut down.

The state president himself, an alumnus of ENA, announced his decision during a zoom session with senior officials. This move was a direct result of the resistance of yellow underwear a few years ago. As soon as this fierce anti-elite movement erupted, Macron promised that the ENA would lead to “the better one.”

According to all concerned, it is beyond dispute that the school in Statsburg provides a good education and that the students are at a high level. The problem is that the ENA did not reach the goal set in 1945 at its inception. Through rigorous selection, the ENA will produce the best for the most important functions in the state apparatus. In that sense, it was believed that social background and ‘proper contacts’ were no longer a bar.


But the ENA has already provided four presidents, 22 prime ministers and an impressive number of ministers Industry leaders After all, it became more and more a symbol of an elite that reproduced itself.

For example, unlike the American Harvard and British Oxford, it is not the high costs that stand in the way of a worthy ideal. ENA students who last two years are paid immediately, so there is no monetary concern. Yet they always came from the middle or upper class. Because of the infamous competition in these circles, people know how to prepare your offspring for the entrance exam. Children of practically educated or incompetent individuals are often unaware that ENA or something else exists Great schools.

Ultra selective

Efforts to enhance the social diversity of ENA and other seriously selected schools such as Ecol Polytechnic have not been very fruitful. Earlier this year, a study by the Institute des Politics Publics concluded that between 2006 and 2016 there was no increase in the number of children of workers or unemployed people in the Grand Ecoles. The share of this ‘lowest’ category is 10 per cent, while these young people make up 36 per cent of the total.

The new version of ENA will receive a special competition for participants from the intellectual environment. Not only admission but also the syllabus will be changed. And offers enarques, Are called graduates. The new diploma is no longer a lifetime guarantee for a top job. It is no longer the intention to sit in the same chair for long periods of time and break the logic we know of government services.

So far, the first fifteen students in each class are leaving – one promotion – About a hundred people automatically go to government services with great enthusiasm. They are the Audit Court, the Ministry of Finance and the State Council. Macron, for example, finished fifth in his promotion and began treasury research. That habit must also come to an end; Everyone must first prove themselves in the ‘field’.

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