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The end of the filming session in a drama: a German model tiger stings in the face |  Abroad

The end of the filming session in a drama: a German model tiger stings in the face | Abroad

A 36-year-old German model was seriously injured when a tiger attacked her while posing for a photo. The drama took place at a “large residence for show animals” in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. An investigation has now been launched against the shelter owner for “neglected bodily harm”.

Jessica Ledolph was flown by helicopter to a specialist clinic with severe facial injuries. Fortunately, it’s not in mortal danger, according to regional broadcaster MDR.

Jessica Ledolph herself is a big animal lover. © Facebook

The woman – herself an animal lover – visited the rescue center in Wangen, about 100 kilometers west of Leipzig, yesterday. She will be photographed there with one of the leopards. According to ‘Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk’, the model was in a tiger cage with the owner. Suddenly, Lidolph was attacked and bitten in the head.

One of the tiger cages.

One of the tiger cages. © MDR . Video Mode

Moments later, alert app Catwarn warned that a “big cat” had escaped. The report was withdrawn a short time later, but the police headed to the shelter. The model from neighboring state of Thuringia told police that the owner and the animal were not guilty. The tiger in question has been photographed in photo sessions multiple times, according to MDR.


Don’t blame the owner and the animal

Jessica Ledolph

Former animal trainer

According to the announcer, the shelter is not an animal shelter, but a private initiative of a former animal trainer. In addition to the Paris and Troy panthers, there are also foals, pigs and birds. After the tiger attack, the authorities now want to verify that the animals are being kept in accordance with the regulations.

“Retired stars of the show still get applause,” reads .’s website Senior animal show stay. “Be there and visit us! All four-legged friends are looking forward to your visit.”

One of the leopards.

One of the leopards. © MDR . Video Mode

The two leopards came to the shelter in June 2019 when their former owner was diagnosed with cancer. “He had been performing with them for years, but stopped due to his age. He had been looking for a place for Troy and Paris for five years.” Its new owner worked at the Panther Magic Show for fourteen years and trained both Panthers.

According to MDR, the site also mentioned that during an “unforgettable day” at the seniors’ home, visitors can “get very close to the animals.” The highlight of “Adventure Day” was feeding the leopards “in safe conditions”. This information is no longer available on the site.

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