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The European Championship is suddenly far away: Spain gives the young devils a cold bath

The European Championship is suddenly far away: Spain gives the young devils a cold bath

National Promises performed particularly poorly on Tuesday in their European Championship qualifying campaign. However, at the home of direct rivals Spain, a draw appeared to be on its way. But in the absolute final stage, Mathieu Joseph (Leeds United) scored 1-0.

Last summer, there was also a European Promise Championship on the programme. Belgium started the tournament with the necessary ambitions and hopes of qualifying for the Olympic Games. But after a painful finale, the Devils actually fell in the group stage. This was not without consequences.

For example, Jackie Mathiesen was thanked as national coach. A successor was then appointed with Gil Swerts, who in turn brought a breath of fresh air to the selection. This approach seemed to be paying off at first. The young Devils team managed to win their first three qualifying matches.

Victory over Malta

But then the Belgians lost at home to Scotland, direct contenders to win the group. Therefore, some things had to be corrected during the current international match. They achieved this last Thursday with a 3-1 victory over their counterparts from Malta.

However, a more important date has been set for Tuesday. Spain is the favorite to win the group, and if we get a point that would be great. That's something to learn, especially when the Spaniards disallowed a goal for offside in the second half.

Aiming for second place

In the final phase, goalkeeper Martin Vandevoordt had to surrender to Joseph and 1-0 was also the final score. Because of this defeat, Belgium has three points less than Spain, who have also played a game less. Therefore, second place gradually seems to be the highest level that can be achieved. Therefore, it seems that getting 9 out of 9 in the remaining matches against Kazakhstan, Scotland and Hungary has gradually become necessary.