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The Fall Guys update finally adds a long-awaited feature

The Fall Guys update finally adds a long-awaited feature

A new update has been released to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout that adds a lot of novelty to the game. This way, players can finally play with friends on other platforms and can even organize their own tournaments thanks to the dedicated lobbies. Curious about what update 4.5 has in store as well? We are listing all the highlights for you!

New rounds

The Mid-Season Refresh wouldn’t be complete without new rounds, of course. This time, players can discover two completely new levels: Slimescraper and Button Bashers. Slimescraper is a spiritual successor to the Slime Climb as players once again try to stay on top of the rising slime and have to reach the end. Just more difficult this time.

Button Bashers is a 1v1 game where you have to compete against another player in a small square with buttons. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by being the first to hit all the bright buttons. Players can use wind blowers and anti-gravity fields to reach their targets faster. The player with the highest score advances to the next round.

Matching platforms

PlayStation 4 and PC players can finally play together thanks to cross-platform compatibility! (Note: Interop voice chat is not currently supported.) Prefer to play with players from your own platform? Then you can still turn off cross play via the game options.

Dedicated lounges

Beans can now also create their own (private) show and decide who will participate in the show by sharing a unique code. To create your own program, go to “Show Selected” on the splash screen. Then select “Custom Shows” to create a lobby. Now you just have to select the type of show (like Fall Ball Cup or Hard Mode) and that’s it! Are you a live stream player with a lot of followers or do you just want to stage a tournament with your classmates? Then custom lobbies are the feature you are looking for.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC, and will also be available on Xbox and Switch consoles at a later time.