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The FBI has kept the presence of the encryption key secret from Casey for three weeks.

The FBI has kept the cryptocurrency secret for almost three weeks. The Washington Post writes.

Casey, a management software developer who was the victim of a major Revel ransomware attack in early July, said in the fourth week of July that it had a global key to share with its customers. The cyber attack, which spread through Kasia VSA’s software in early July, affected more than a thousand companies worldwide.

The hackers entered a vulnerable spot in the software and were able to take hostages of more than a thousand company systems. The hackers demanded $ 70 million to release the keys that would allow the victim to regain access to their files. In Sweden, among other things, 800 coupe supermarkets had to close because cash register systems no longer work due to the hack.

The keys were shared three weeks later

The key was reportedly obtained by the FBI in early July, but was not shared with other parties until three weeks later. No FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed Tuesday. The key was obtained by accessing the servers of the Russian-based criminal gang behind the attack. Immediate sharing helped save millions of dollars in recovery costs for victims, including schools and hospitals.

But the FBI had the keys with the consent of other companies. Reeve planned to launch an operation to deal with the hackers so that service would not stop them. Furthermore, the government assessment found that the damage was not as severe as initially feared. The hacker group’s planned removal eventually did not happen because Revil’s site went offline in mid – July – without US government intervention – and the hackers disappeared before the FBI could implement its plan.

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The FBI finally shared the key with Casey July 21-19. Kasaya immediately asked New Zealand-based security firm MCSoft to develop a new encryption tool, which Kasaya released the next day.

Active again

After the Russian hacking group disappeared from the Internet, Revil suddenly appeared on the Internet earlier this month. Meanwhile, the group is said to have carried out several new hacking attacks.