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The first, second, or third: The three scenarios and the repercussions of the Red Flames in the Nations League |  Women's Nations League

The first, second, or third: The three scenarios and the repercussions of the Red Flames in the Nations League | Women’s Nations League

Will it be glory, a consolation prize, or an unpleasant final act? There is still a lot at stake for the Red Flames tonight in their final UEFA Nations League group match. Read here how the cards stack.

1. The Red Flames became group winners

If the Red Flames win tonight in Tilburg and England do not beat Scotland, the Belgian women’s footballers will become group winners in their Nations League group.

In this case, a match against another winner from Group A in the Final Four will follow. Therefore, a confrontation with the Spanish world champions is possible. The drawing will take place on December 11th.

Winning that competition will of course lead to a place in the final, automatically qualifying for the Olympic Games in Paris. A unique opportunity for the finalists, and hopefully for the Flames as well.

Important details: If host nation France advances to the Nations League final, third place in the Final Four will also require a ticket to Paris. The potential consolation final will then be watched with great interest.

2. The Red Flames finished second

If the Flames pull off another stunt against the Netherlands, the Final Four is far from certain.

England is one point ahead, and if logic is respected, it will beat Scotland, and if Belgium wins, it will remain top of the group.

The second place is always sad, but it doesn’t have to be drama in itself for the flames.

As runners-up, the Flames are certain to remain in Group A, which is important for their 2025 European Championship qualification campaign.

If they remain in Division A, the Flames will be guaranteed at least a playoff berth for a European Championship ticket in the playoffs. Thus, second place significantly increases the chances of participating in the European Championship.

A more favorable scenario might be: If the Flames win their European Championship qualifying group or finish second, they will qualify directly. Something only possible from the top division.

So finishing in the top two is the message.

This second place is also possible if the Belgians get a point against the Netherlands and if England lose to Scotland. Then goal differential gives the Flames the advantage.

The Flames beat visiting England 3-2 and lost there 1-0.

3. The Red Flames finished third

With the defeat to the Dutch, the Flames finished their campaign in third place. The England result has no bearing on this.

As third place in the group, you will have a duel with No. 2 from Division B. Bets: Remain in the top division.

Losers lose one level and have to play two preliminary rounds to be in the European Championship.

Red flames in the European Nations League

The results are red flames
Belgium Holland 2-1
Scotland Belgium 1-1
England Belgium 1-0
Belgium England 3-2
Belgium Scotland 1-1
Holland Belgium Tuesday

Position in group 1
M W g Fifth +/- points
1. Holland 5 3 0 2 +4 9
2. England 5 3 0 2 +1 9
3. Belgium 5 2 2 1 +1 8
4. Scotland 5 0 2 3 -6 2

The group winner qualifies for the Nations League finals. Number 3 plays in the playoffs to retain League A. Number 4 is relegated to League B.

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