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The flag can’t go out, so this pair illuminates the entire house of America in rainbow colors

According to Facchino, the flag has been hanging in front of the door for years, a ‘sign of inclusion’. That’s what he says CNN.

‘No Wrong Intentions’

Last month, however, the owners’ association sent a letter asking if the flag could be removed. From now on, only the American flag will be allowed in the area.

“I don’t think the association has the wrong motives,” Facchino says. There were locals holding Black Lives Matter flags and others who followed the police. The association wanted to put an end to it.

“Diversity is important to us,” Facchino says. Many years ago, at one time a neighbor struggled with his gender identity. He said he benefited greatly from the couple’s flag.

Six colored lights

Facchino and Mierre soon discovered that the rules said nothing about lighting. So they decided to buy six colored lights and put the whole house in rainbow colors.

“It’s not like we live on a busy main road,” Facchino says. “So it’s not like hundreds of people passed our house.” The photo of the house he posted on Reddit was quickly shared tens of thousands of times.

Pride month

Facchino never thought the house would always be this bright. At the end of this glorious month, he expects to turn off the colored lights.

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