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"The Flash" might be Cyborg's place after all

“The Flash” might be Cyborg’s place after all

Actor Ray Fisher was incredibly critical of Warner Bros. And director Joss Whedon. He felt that not enough had been done to investigate Whedon’s misconduct in the Justice League group.

As a result, Fisher’s character in the DC Extended Universe, Cyborg, was written from The Flash. Not surprisingly: the actor himself said he couldn’t feel it any longer as long as Warner Bros. He no longer does with his complaint. But he is now clearly hoping to return.

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Fisher spoke to Empire and talked about his conversations with director Andy Muschietti. He hopes that a way can still be found to work together.

“Andy seems to get in the way with his head up and understand these characters, which makes it more about their relationships than just their superpowers,” Fisher began. “We were very allied with that and it would be a shame if we couldn’t find a way to solve our problems.”

Fisher previously said that a cyborg was in every version of the movie. If it’s really removed, a lot of restructuring will have to be done. But for now, it looks like Cyborg won’t be in the 2022 movie.

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