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Amerikaanse en Russische buitenlandminister willen einde maken aan “ongezonde” relaties tussen hun landen

The foreign ministers of America and Russia want to end …

Blinken (left) and Lavrov had a “constructive conversation”.
Photo: EPA-EFE

The United States wants to work with Russia to make the world a safer place. But if Moscow acts “aggressively,” the Americans will respond. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said. Blinkin met his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in a “constructive conversation”.

Blinken and Lavrov met on Wednesday for the first time since the election of US President Joe Biden at a meeting on the sidelines of the Arctic Council in Reykjavik, Iceland. “Our vision is that if the leaders of Russia and the United States can work together, the world will be a safer place,” Blinken previously said. Lavrov, in turn, was willing to talk about anything “on condition that the discussion is fair and based on mutual respect.”

Their conversation in the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, lasted nearly two hours. After that, the Russian minister stated that he had a “constructive” conversation with his American counterpart. According to Lavrov, both countries realize that they must end the “unhealthy climate” of past years in their relationship. Lavrov said he felt that the Americans, like the Russians, would prefer not to expel the diplomats. This has happened several times in recent years. “No one is helping this chain reaction,” he said.

And the US Secretary of State, according to his spokesman, conveyed his “grave concern” about the Russian troop movements on the border with Ukraine. The health of Russian opponent Alexei Navalny could also be discussed.

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And it was announced on Wednesday evening that Washington would not impose sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which extends from Russia to Germany. The Biden government decided to bail out the main company on the project, Nord Stream AG, and its manager. The Americans do not want to antagonize their ally Germany.