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The German press launches an attack on Lagarde: “Inflation, Madame”

The German press launches an attack on Lagarde: “Inflation, Madame”

He. She wait and watch Policies The European Central Bank (ECB) is under increasing criticism in Germany, the main country in the eurozone. Popular Magazine picture He even launched a personal attack on committee chair Christine Lagarde.

Prices are rising faster and faster – and many people fear this will continue for a long time to come. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde can allay these concerns. Why don’t you do something? ” Florian Schmidt, the opinion maker of the t-online news portal. It’s just one of many German comments on ECB policy – or change of policy, if you will.

Commentators from our eastern neighbors usually make the same point: With the current rising inflation, Reel savers and retirees, because the very low interest rates prevent them from bringing in the annual nest egg they may have been dependent on. Lagarde can contain inflation by tightening the European Central Bank’s fiscal policy and raising interest rates, but she does not. ‘To the discontent of German savers’It can be read in the German press.


picture, Germany’s most popular newspaper, goes one step further and attacks Lagarde personally. You won’t be alone “Madam Inflation” Mentioned, but also “Luxe Lagarde” employment “Chanel Frau”. This is a nod to her fondness for high fashion for the French luxury fashion label.

“She loves to wear luxury fashion (including Chanel), and earns almost 40,000 euros a month, but the fears of ordinary people do not seem to affect her: Christine Lagarde (65) is melting benefits, wages, savings and pensions,” he writes. pictureThis, too, is an unexpected departure for the German militant Jens Weidmann He called it a “disaster”.

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High inflation is beneficial for governments with high national debt, because that debt then weighs less in real terms and is easier to pay off. What German commentators fear is sacrificing German savings for the interests of Euro “Latin” countries With rising government debt.